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Sector abcEducation And Research InstituteTender ValueINR 12.53 Lakhs approx.
LocationKerala - India Ref.No47468508
Closing Date10 - Feb - 2022
Supply and installation of laboratory equipments sasthraposhini scheme - ac dynamos (working demonstration type), ac motors (working demonstration type), ammeter 0-5a in ampere, ammeter in milli ampere, ammeter (micro) with bakelite stand and terminals (dc) 0-500 µa, ammeter (milli) with bakelite stand and terminals(dc) 0-25 ma, angle adustable inclined plane with a sliding roller and a pulley at the top, apparatus for showing induced current (a set of two solenoids one sliding the other), apparatus to demonstrate transverse and longitudinal waves(wave machine), apparatus to show decrese of pressure in cylindrical tubes, apparatus to show pressure of fluids in all directions (pascal), apparatus to show upward pressure of water, ball bearing standard size, ball ended magnet standard size, bar magnet with different strength 2 set each, bar magnet long magnet, battery 9v, battery (dry cell)1.5v, battery eliminator (ac outputs) 12 v, battery eliminator (ac outputs) 3 a, battery eliminator (dc outputs) 12 v, battery eliminator (dc outputs) 3 a, blood lancet single use and sterile packing, bobs for simple pendulam with hooks (iron)3 different diameters, 2 set each, bobs with hook (iron) medium size, bobs with hook (iron) identical size, brass cylinders with hook 500g weight (must fit in the socket used in archimedes principle), brass cylinders with hook 200g weight (must fit in the socket used in archimedes principle), burette stand standard, burner bunsen, centrifuge clincial centrifuge, clip board a4 size, common balance standard size, commutator, dc dynamos (working demonstration type), dc motors (working demonstration type), digital balance ordinary 5kg capacity, digital balance capacity 200 gm, 0.1 sensitivity, dissection boards 8'' x 4'' made of soft wood, lead loaded fully submersible in water, dissection box with the following instruments all stainless steel on each. scissors-straight pointed 4'', scissors-straight pointed 5'', scissors-fine pointed 3'', scalpel 3'', scalpel 4'', forceps 6'', forceps 3'', pointed dissection needle, dissection hammer with nail puller (oxidized), dissection needle small size, dissection trays (suitable for dissection boards, stainless steel with 10'' x 8'' x 2'' leak proof, jointless, slanted walls), drawing board, drawing pin (brass), ebonite rod, electrolytic capacitor 25 v, 1000 µf, electroscope, extension switch board (electric) 3 pin plugs 5a with 4 plug points and switches, forceps small, fuse with holder 5 a capacity, normal size, galvanometer milli ampere, galvanometer 0-2a or 0-3 a, ganong's light screen, stainless steel make, ganong's potometer for plant physiology, g-clamps- 5 cm gap, hand lens with larger magnification, horizontally split pvc pipe length 3 meter, 8-10 cm diameter, horse shoe magnet, hydrostatic balance for archimedes principle, induction coil, iron piece identical to the long bar magnet, jockey for physics experimets small in size, knife small , laboratory stand-iron with two glassware clamps retort clamp, 3 inch diameter, laboratory stand with clamp 2 finger and 3 finger clamps, loud speaker 4'' (8 ohm), magnetic compass small, multimeter digital, normal, newton's colour disc (hand operated), olympus student microscope model hb standard set complete with widefield eyepiece nwr 10x, three achromatic objectives 10x, 40x & 100x (spring, oil immersion), attachable graduated mechanical stage, abbe condenser (n.a. 1.25) with iris diaphragm focusable with rack & pinion. in wooden box with lock & key, olympus student microscope / magnus model hsa standard set. complete with two eyepieces 10x 15x and two achromatic objectives, 10x 40x, substage fixed condenser in wooden box with lock & key, pivoted magnetic needle normal set, plug key standard, "projection microscope with body monocular fixed straight tube length 160 mm , nose piece triple revolving nose piece with accurate centering and positive click stops , stage mechanical stage 135 x 120 mm low co axial drive controls x-y movement and cross movement 50 x 75mm fully graduated vernier scale. , illumination 20 w halogen lamp 220/110 volts-lamp slots provided for natural cooling of the illuminator , eyepiece hugenian 10x and 15x , objectives achromatic, 4x, 10x and 40xsl , screen 150mm diameter —glass projection screen -can be rotated over 3600 on microscope tube. all in secure original box of the manufacturer with lock and key., ", protractor 3600, pulleys that can be fixed on a table sonometer size, resistance box small, resonance column apparatus standard, rheostat shorter, rheostat longer, ring magnet medium size, rubber hammer medium size, scalpel, scissors normal size, screen on stand for doing experiments with mirrors and lenses standard, slotted weight 500 g each 4 set, slotted weight 50 g blocks 4 set, socket and cylinder for archimedes principle normal size, sodium vapour lamp- box with bulb holder, wire and two pin
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