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Product Detail : Empanelment of suppliers for cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac anaesthesia items (including cardiac perfusion items) - urine can / urinal bottle, bed pan, nelsons inhaler, paper punch, paper stapler, paper stapler pin, calculator, 3 layer mask, hard file, paper file / tag file, a4 paper, eto packing cover (roll) (varying size), register 200 pages, register 300 pages, et cuff pressure manometer, urine collecting bag with urometer plus (bottom drainage urine bag), urine bag (bottom drainage urine bag), calculator, incise drapes size- 90cm x 45cm , blade no11, blade no15, blade no22, gloves size 6, gloves size 6.5, gloves size 7.0, gloves size 7.5, examination gloves (nitrile ), poly apron , handcare , plastic sheet 150 cm x 90 cm, elasto crape 10 x 4, elasto crape 15 x 4, urine bag with urometer ( (bottom drainage urine bag), tegaderm dressing 9 x 30cm, chest drainage catheter straight 28fg , chest drainage catheter straight 32 fg , suction cath 8 fr , suction cath 10 fr, suction cath 12 fr, suction cath 14 fr, surgicel , folley's catheter 12 fr, folley's catheter 14 fr, folley's catheter 16 fr, xylocaine jelly, vascular clip titanium small yellow - (6 clips / catridge)-heart shaped wire, vascular clip titanium medium blue - (6 clips / catridge)-heart shaped wire, inj needle 18 1/2, inj needle 21 1/2, dispo 1 cc (gamma sterilized) , dispo 10cc (gamma sterilized) , dispo 20cc (gamma sterilized), jelco, skin preperation - clorexidine gluconate solution- 2% . , kavilon spray, chest drainage system 700 ml kid (under water seal drainage system), chest drainage system adult 1000 ml (under water seal drainage system), suction cath 16 fr, gloves size 7.0 [powder free] latex micro, gloves size 7.5 [powder free] latex micro, iv canula 16fr, dispo syringe 5cc (gamma sterilized), aortic punch 4.0, aortic punch 4.5 , surgical face mask 3 ply with nose strip (elastic), face shield n, ppe kit unsterile, ppe kit sterile, hood with eye shield, goggles zoom , n-95 white with 6 layer( cefta/sitra certified)with adjustable knot, nurses cap, shoe cover large plastic, full gown 812 cm, gelo stat, sample container (small), sternal dressing, yankaur suction , protective isolation pack, durapore (7.5 cm x 9.1 m), transpore (5 cm x 9.1 m), vessel loop 2.5 mm (blue) , vessel loop 2.5 mm (yellow), skin marker (sterile), open wove bandage 15 cm x 3 mtr sterile, sterile high culture collecting device, intracoronary shunt(1.0) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(1.25) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(1.50) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(1.75) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(2.0) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(2.25) (fda & ce approved), intracoronary shunt(2.50) (fda & ce approved), leg bag set vac set(closedwound suction unit) , abdominal drainage kit 28, abdominal drainage kit 32, vac- size -fg -18 , 500 ml canister for & vac.ulta therapy, vac granufoam dressing thin , absorbable hemostat 2in 1 x 3in , absorbable hemostat 1 in x 2in, surgical- mops (sterile with x-ray detectable band) size 20 x 20 ( pack of 5 in nos), surgical gauze (sterile with x-ray detectable band) size 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (pack of 10 in nos), skin stappler 35 wind size 6.9 mm x 3.6 mm, cabg drape kit . requirements - trolley sheet double large -1, mayo cover - 1, groin drape (45 cm x 20 cm) - 1, bottom drape (160 cm x 180 cm)- 1, foot cover - 2, small drape with adhesive (100 cm x 80 cm)- 1, sms release - 5, side sheet with adhesive having split adhesive from centre portion -2, abdominal sheet - 1, top sheet (160 cm x 80 cm) - 1, screen sheet - 1, d-fib bag - 1, coutery bag -2, pump sheet -1, surgeon gown - 4, hand towel - 4, wrap sheet - 3, snugger set, coronary fat retractor, hall 50 compatable sternal saw blade, hall 50 compatable ossilating sternal saw blade, embolectomy catheter. size- 3fr, embolectomy catheter. size- 4 fr, embolectomy catheter. size- 5 fr, embolectomy catheter. size- 6 fr, chest drainage tube with trocar - 28, chest drainage tube with trocar - 30, chest drainage tube with trocar - 32, chest drainage tube with trocar - 34, hand wash soap solution., disposable suture organizer, micro shield hand rub 500 ml, surgical spirit 500ml, disposable external defibrillator paddles , sternal fixation steel rod, plastic bulldog - angled (45*), (atraumatic jaw design, versatile, radio opaque, latex safe, clamp pressure- 10-15 grams / 50-60 grams), plastic bulldog - straight (atraumatic jaw design, versatile, radio opaque, latex safe, clamp pressure- 10-15 grams / 50-60 grams), plastic sheet sterile size - 100 x 150 cm (surgi-drapes), fixomull transparent 10 cm x 10 cm, post op opsite, one way valve for thoracic drainage , multi enzyme solution, manman compatable sternal saw blade, nocolyse disinfectant solution for non-aerosol ot fumigation, 1,2 benzene dicarboxaldehyde solution 1000 ml, stainless steel suture needles- half circle triangular, solvent ether (di-ethyl ether) 500 ml, urine collecting bag - uro ba
Document Sale To : 27-10-2021 at 17:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Kerala - India
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Tender Value : INR 100000000
Tender EMD : INR 50000
Tender Document Fees : INR 25000
Tender Closing Date : 27/10/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 30/10/2021 at 11:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Health Services/Equipments - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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